Heritage is a burden. Heritage is a blessing.It can carry pressure to conform and to be held to a high standard.It can generate brand strength such that one feels empowered to spread one's wings, to try new things.In the Montebelluna area of Northern Italy where we are based, the threads of footwear heritage weave through most homes, most families, most generations. In our case, an unbroken lineage of five generations is the foundation of a long-standing, highly respected development and production operation.For as long as production line footwear has been made, and for a few generations prior to that, the continuity of operating in this same area directed by members of the same family has resulted in a purity of mission. For over 140 years, we have had effectively one owner, one 'home', one primary focus: innovative, functional, quality outdoor footwear.But that is not to say our eyes see only those markets near to Northern Italy. Many years as a contract factory with diverse and demanding customers forced us to develop into a brand with an open-minded perspective. Inspirations from all continents have been evident in our collections. Watching and serving the product needs of many markets has helped keep our egos in check and resulted in a wide-ranging, sometimes eclectic collection. A collection which respects the traditions of our home: inspired style, quality, craftsmanship. And a collection not afraid to look outside that home and into the future.So at Garmont today, we welcome that which comes with our heritage, the five generations, the blessing, and the burden.


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