Website: http://www.exped-outdoor.ru/

Exped means expedition equipment.
Since 1997, the Exped Team has designed and built the highest quality, specialized gear for the active, outdoor enthusiast. Such equipment is designed to appeal to everyone from the casual hiker of the Appalachian Trail to the technical climber in the Himalayas. Every user expects his equipment to meet exacting requirements, and at Exped, we build products intended to surpass those expectations!

Specifications for the concept:

  • Ingenious simplicity. Multiple use. Lightweight. Function, not fad.
  • Integrate superb craftsmanship with superior materials. Emphasize durability. Promote sound environmental practices.
  • Test in lab and field to enhance performance. Develop useful features.
  • Synergy of Partnerships: Customers, Retailers and Vendors involved to develop the best gear!
  • Simple, bottom line: Exped maximizes your outdoor experience with a minimum of gear!


11, 5th Magistralnaya str., office 31
Moscow, 123007 Russia

(495) 657 9738

e-mail: info@mountech.ru