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Garmont - high-tech stylish comfortable shoes for outdoor activities in the mountains and in the city. Legendary Italian brand

In 1867 mr. Morlin - an industrialist who develops forests and mineral deposits in Northern Italy, faced with the problem of an acute shortage of shoes for workers, suitable for use in the conditions of the Dolomites. At the same time, the first 1.5 thousand boots with a leather top and wooden sole were developed and produced. Shoes proved so well that they quickly became the subject of demand, and its production grew into a profitable and soon dominant part of the business.

today, Garmont is more than 50 models of shoes for high-altitude mountaineering, ice climbing, rock climbing, ski tour, trekking, Hiking, walking and daily use, which can be purchased in 41 countries around the world. In 2001, the company crossed the threshold of 400,000 pairs per year under the brand name Garmont. The shoes are made in their own factories located in seven countries, but still about 80% of the shoes are made in the North of Italy.

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