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Dragon Alliance

Dragon Alliance - the coolest eye protection in summer and winter. Fusion of technology, drive and fashion

Dragon Alliance is a fashionable sun-protective optics for those who choose an active lifestyle and style. Ski masks for winter sports and classic sunglasses for every taste.

the Company is constantly searching for new and advanced materials for lenses and their coatings. In the production of lenses, special coatings are used to resist accidental scratches. All lenses undergo mandatory testing to obtain an absolutely perfect identical shade. Dragon Alliance engineers work closely with companies that produce plastic and nylon, creating new polymers and exclusive shades.

the design of Dragon Alliance safety glasses is unique and inimitable. The company uses strong and flexible materials of the latest developments for frames that can withstand huge loads. The shape of the shackles is also very important, as it provides unique strength and low weight. One of the main purposes of glasses is to protect the eyes from harmful radiation. All Dragon Alliance products provide 100% eye protection against dangerous UV and blue rays.

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